Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome One and All!!

SO you know how you keep telling yourself you're going to do this or you're going to do that? Well I've always told myself that I wanted to be a runner and now I'm finally taking steps to do it. At one time I was in really good shape, now...not so much. So what's happened? Let's see: Marriage, Work, Twins...Life in General! So the first step on this road to my first 5K is a class that I'm signing up for at the local YMCA with one of my best friends and my company on this journey, Becky.

 I love Becky, she is such a dynamic and amazing woman. She too has kids, has 3 dogs, a 20 ac farm, she runs agility with her dogs, her boys show horses, she is just amazing and has boundless energy. I'm counting on her to help me through this! hahaha!

Many experts say that setting goals is the key to many successes, so fine, I'll bite let's set some goals!


1. Sign up March 1, 2010 6p for Y-Run Class (Have to start off on the right foot right?!)
2. Make it to class every Monday at 6pm, unless I am working.
3. Run at least 1 other day during the week.

Ooooookk....let's not get over zealous...that's enough for now! We'll keep you updated and post pics soon!

Happy Running whether it's to the store, the fridge or to the finish line!