Sunday, March 7, 2010

And Joe joins the Race!!!

Happy Sunday Runners!! I was talking to my husband yesterday after I finished my run and all our running together and he said that he was going to run as well! Yay!! I wasn't sure if he would really go through with it though. Well this morning at 5am the alarm went off! 5AM on a SUNDAY!!! I promptly told him to shut the damn alarm off and went back to snoozing.... I woke up about 7a to find him not in the bed and where was he? He had gotten up to run this morning!! Good Job Honey!!! I asked him why so freakin early and he said because he doesn't like to have people see him run so he ran in the dark. Hey whatever floats your boat! So now as we sit on the couch he finally says that his legs are killing him. Poor thing! I don't know if he will let me post his starting stats, but at least he is on a good foot starting! Maybe I'll even get him to run the 5K with me. I have to be honest though, I kind of want this for ME not for something for us to do. Yeah I'm a little selfish I guess.... Well off to get some kids to bed for naps, and do some chores! Tomorrow, work and run at 6p! So until my next post....

Happy Running whether it's to the store, after the kids or to the Finish Line!!

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