Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 1 of 10

Hello and Welcome to Week 1! Becky and I have officially finished the first run of week 1! Yippee!! The lecture tonight was on running form and breathing. You wouldn't it's really hard to breath right? Well apparently it is! You're suppossed to breathe using your belly! Here's a quick article on belly breathing. SO I tried to do this as we ran 1 min and walked 2 minutes tonight, but I have to admit, I total forgot after a while. I was doing pretty good and it started to get hard half way through. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't have any music, because it was colder than the other day or what? So I made it through and I admit I was at the back of the pack. And I have to give some big thanks to Becky for stickin with me back there!! I's not where you place, it's that you finish right! So Let's make it through the first week!! Here's the schedule for the first week for training:

Class/Monday: Run 1 Walk 2 x 4
Field/Tuesday: Rest
Class/Wednesday: Crosstrain or Rest
Class/Thursday: Run 1 Walk 2 x 4
Field/Friday: Cross Train or Rest
Trip to Indy/Saturday: Run 1 Walk 2 x 5
Sunday: Walk 45min or Rest

So it should be a busy week and weekend!
In the immortal words of Captain Tenile from MXC: Leeet's Gooo!!!

Happy Running whether it's to the store, after the kids or to the Finish Line!!

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